Preventative Maintenance & Certification

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Preventative Maintenance & Certification

We offer a full range of cleanroom care, preventative maintenance and certification.

We have all the necessary instruments and equipment to provide testing to the most recent ISO standards.

  • Scheduled maintenance programs (including HVAC service and sensor calibration).
  • Emergency maintenance service following leaks or equipment malfunction or failure.
  • Cleanroom particulate and airflow testing to the latest ISO standards.
  • Air and surface biological sampling and testing.
  • Airflow analysis and air balancing to NEEB standards.

Your one-stop-source for all of your maintenance and certification requirements

New or Maintain?

Whether you are in the market for a new build cleanroom or looking to have your current cleanroom serviced, we can tailor-fit a maintenance and certification package that will keep your facility compliant with all current state and federal regulations regardless of your industry.

Your One-Stop-Source

From certification of an overall cleanroom to precision metrology to laminar flow hoods, biological safety cabinets and aseptic isolators, we are your one-stop-source for all of your maintenance and certification requirements.

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