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Cleanroom Design Certification

CRD offers a full range of cleanroom care, preventative maintenance and certification. We also have the necessary instruments and equipment to provide testing to the most recent ISO standards. This includes scheduled maintenance programs (including HVAC service and sensor calibration), emergency maintenance service following leaks or equipment malfunction or failure, cleanroom particulate and airflow testing to the latest ISO standards, air and surface biological sampling and testing, and airflow analysis and air balancing to NEBB standards.

Whether you are in the market for a new build cleanroom or looking to have your current cleanroom serviced, we can tailor-fit a maintenance and certification package that will keep your facility compliant with all current state and federal regulations. CRD can provide maintenance and certification of cleanroom and cleanroom equipment within any industry. From certification of an overall cleanroom to precision metrology to laminar flow hoods, biological safety cabinets and aseptic isolators, CRD is your one-stop-source for all of your maintenance and certification requirements.