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We offer cleanroom consulting and engineering services to help our clients choose the most optimal solution for their cleanroom needs, the first time.

With over 35 years of collective experience, our industry experts work directly with our clients to help provide turnkey cleanroom facilities from design to commissioning, by providing sound advice that allows our clients to make informed decisions regardless of their specific cleanroom requirements.

Our engineering group provides comprehensive
services to meet both immediate and future needs.


    Help solve clients operational and existing technical problems


    Develop new cleanrooms and improve existing cleanroom projects


    Enhance and streamline cleanroom processes


    Improve overall energy efficiency

Our consulting and engineering process begins with a detailed audit of the potential project site and company.

Understanding exactly how a facility is used on a daily basis is a crucial step to best tailor the space to meet both immediate and future needs.

Below are a few of the items included in our consulting and engineering services.

  • Review and Audit Site and Processes

  • Perform initial client consultation

  • Identify possible contamination issue within existing cleanroom operations

  • Review and analyze potential locations of cleanroom project

  • Determine necessary airflow, air conditioning needs, and exhaust treatment options.

  • Work through clients space requirements and/or limitations.

  • Test and analyze existing system performance

  • Prepare recommendation reports and proposal

  • Detailed review of specific client requirements.

  • Review and approve all drawings and equipment submittals

  • Obtain Final inspection and Engineering sign-off

  • Determine and ensure proper ISO classification, cGMP specifications and any other regulatory guidelines that are necessary for the project at hand.

Let us solve, develop, enhance, and improve your site today.